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Above Ground Winterizing Instructions

Please take the time to read these simple pool closing instructions. Because of our winter climate and snow buildup, we have to take extra precautions when closing our pools for the season. If you have any questions at all please call Century Pools at 1-207-465-3475. As always we test water for free and have closing supplies available to you.

  1. Have your water tested for alkalinity and ph. If these levels are not balanced the liner may be seriously damaged.
  2. Clean the pool thoroughly and remove stairs, ladder, and thermometers. Or any toys or floats.
  3. Disconnect the filter and clean thoroughly. Let dry and store indoors.
  4. The chlorinator must be emptied and aired out. Do not store indoors or near anything metal or mechanical as the fumes will destroy them. Bag the chlorinator and store outside with the chlorine pack Remove chlorine pac from chlorinator. Any chlorine packs with remaining chlorine should be bagged and stored outside behind a shed, barn or woodpile. Any remaining chlorine can be reused in the spring.
  5. Remove the weir and basket from the skimmer. Remove the eyeball from the return. Remove the skimmer hose only and leave the return hose dangling away from the pool. This will allow water to drain out and stay at the proper level. We recommend you purchase a skimmer plug to prevent ice damage to the pool wall.
  6. The water level should be just below the return fitting. Lowering the water too low can cause the pools to freeze to the bottom, cutting the liner and damaging the pool.
  7. Clean the water line on the liner with a tile and vinyl cleaner.
  8. Add liquid winterizing chemicals. Do not add granular chlorine directly to the pool. This will damage your liner by bleaching it and causing it to deteriorate.

Pool covers and leaf nets:

The only purpose of the winter cover is to keep leaves and debris out of the pool. If you have no trees around your pool then we recommend you don’t use a winter cover.

If you are going to use a solid cover we recommend the use of an air pillow in the middle of the pool to alleviate stress from the snow loads. Do not use the cable included with the cover. This can pull the top of your pool in and severely damage your pool. We also recommend using one cover size bigger than the pool. I.e. a 24’ pool we would recommend a 27’ cover.

Leaf nets are the best way to go if you have trees around the pool. They are removed when all the leaves have fallen off the trees.

Additional winterizing tips

After your pool has been winterized and all steps carefully followed, the following checks and procedures must be followed during the fall, winter and spring seasons.

  1. Your pool must not be leaking. If you suspect your pool is leaking, mark the skimmer at the water level and watch it for 10-14 days. Any leak must be fixed before winter. If a leak goes undetected and unfixed the pool will be severely damaged during the winter.
  2. Never walk on the top of a frozen pool, ever!!
  3. Do not block the return with a plug. By plugging this hole the water level in the pool can get too high and spill into the skimmer. If this happens and the water in the skimmer freezes over the wall of the pool, heavy snow amounts will push down the ice and buckle wall and ruin the skimmer. A skimmer plug will prevent this. A skimmer plug is for the face of the skimmer, not the hole going to the pump. The hole going to the pump must be left open so water can drain out.
  4. Never build your deck either over or under the pool. The pool and the deck must be allowed to move without interference from the other. The deck should be built even with the top of the pool and a few inches away.
  5. Sometimes when there is a huge snow load on the pool, some of the snow should be removed Remember; never, ever get on top of the pool. Only remove what you can reach from the outside of the pool being careful not to move the ice too much as that can damage your liner.
  6. If you have drain tile around your pool then the drain tile should be checked before each closing season. If it is lifted and coming out of the ground then it needs to be reset in the ground. If it is not fixed before winter then it will not work properly and can cause water to build up around the pool, freezing and heaving and causing damage to the pool wall. If you do not have drain tile and your installer has recommended it you really should have it installed. It is a small price to pay for the added protection for your pool.
  7. If you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to call 1-207-465-3475 for help with your questions. Have a great winter; we look forward to serving you in the spring.

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