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In-Ground Pool Winterizing Instructions

Please take the time to read these simple pool closing instructions. Because of our winter climate and snow buildup, we have to take extra precautions when closing our pools for the season. If you have any questions at all please call Century Pools at 1-207-465-3475. As always we test water for free and have closing supplies available to you.

  1. Have the water tested. Make sure your alkalinity and PH is balanced. Balance as needed.
  2. Clean the pool thoroughly.
  3. Backwash sand filters. Do not move the sand filter. It can get damaged.
  4. Remove the drain plug and drain the filter, remove and drain the multiport valve and store indoors, or anyplace it won’ t freeze. Cover the filter with heavy plastic so no water can get into it during the winter.
  5. D.e. filters should be taken apart and rinsed thoroughly. Allow filter to dry and store indoors.
  6. Remove the drain plugs from the pump and drain the pump thoroughly. If the pump cannot be moved then cover with heavy plastic.
  7. Remove the ladder and any handrails. Cover the sockets with plastic or duct tape to protect the winter cover.
  8. Lower the water level to the bottom of the skimmer faceplate. Do not go lower than this. Remove the weir and skimmer basket. Take out the return eyeballs. Blow out the skimmer line, with a heavy duty shop vacuum, from the skimmer back to where the pump was. (No pump is there as it has been removed.) Install a gizmo into the skimmer and place a plastic bag over the end of the pipe where the pump was, so no water or small animals can get into the pipes.
  9. Now blow out the returns. Cap the closest return that bubbles first. Keep the vacuum going until all the returns have been plugged. If any air bubbles are coming out of the winter plug, check the faceplate for cracks. If the faceplates are cracked replace them and restart the procedure.
  10. Cover any open pipe ends with plastic bags and duct tape.
  11. Clean the water line with a tile and vinyl cleaner.
  12. Make sure any accessories are removed from the pool. I.e. thermometer, removable steps, ladders, floats or toys. Nothing should be left in the pool.
  13. Add closing chemicals.
  14. If you are using a winter cover use 8’ double water tubes to hold the cover down. Fill water tubes half full and place end to end around the entire cover. Do not use cement blocks. They can severely damage the liner if they fall into the pool.

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